Our Visions Koto has three parallel visions
To Eliminate Poverty

Our dreams to eliminate poverty are now realised. Koto has a unique package that combines manufacturing thousands of quality homes for communities, with specially packaged programs incorporating: Housing, Food Security and Job Creation. This package has proven to be so successful in Malaysia, other countries now wish to adapt the same using Koto technology to eliminate poverty and provide food security for their country during climate change.


Energy Efficient IBS Koto 8 Building System

To manufacture the Inventor's energy efficient, Koto 8 IBS Building System that is generally suitable for all commmercial projects. Factories currently joint ventured are providing better quality homes compared to any conventional construction; are quicker to install and generally cheaper, with exports to many countries. This extraordinary flexible engineered system is designed for high-speed, high-output manufacturing in a controlled environment to optimise quality.


Fire-Proof Building Systems from Bio-mass Renewable Resources

To manufacture new fire-proof building systems from Bio-mass renewable resources for 100% Sustainability. It is really Amazing science. Release date expected in November 2012 from our Malaysian facilities. Four systems will be released herein offering further options for environments of which some will eliminate the need for steel and concrete.

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