Global Manufacturing Policy

We have been asked to sell or license our intellectual property, formulas and developed machinery, to accommodate our various smart building systems globally considering the speed and efficiency of the Koto model. However, the procedures we have adapted are for the following applications:-

  1. Koto 8 commercial energy efficient IBS system including other integrated Koto products.
  2. Koto dreams turned into reality, using our packages to eliminating poverty.
  3. Koto building systems from renewable resources and bio-mass waste for permanent construction.


It is best served, where a client has secured HIGH VOLUME HOUSING CONTRACTS, OR, where a GOVERNMENT is serious about finding a solution to:-

  1. eliminate poverty,
  2. illegal squatter solution,
  3. refugee and dignity solution,
  4. future climate change solution, and/or
  5. hunger solution,

... with the context to proceed without usual government red-tape to include our very successful packaged program of: Housing • Food Security • Job Creation.

The Koto group shall invest in a manufacturing plant to facilitate the said contract and demonstrate how a government can give dignity back to their people, and transform poverty into productivity.

Because we are geared for volume, it may be an incorporation of private enterprise, government, financial institution, NGO, military, police, navy housing, government worker, medium market, up-market, high rise, link housing, apartments, mining etc, as a joint venture to insure sufficient volume applicable to install a Koto manufacturing facility.

Enquiries are held in the strictest of confidence and an overview will be prepared taking into consideration country, culture, building codes, seismic and cyclonic regions, design and best economical approach model.

In the event where only a few hundred homes are required, then homes will be exported from Malaysia.

Koto and our collaborative team hope positive decisions in any country become reality to help turn children like this into our future ambassadors instead of the Victim of Poverty she has become from living in a so-called Democratic Monetary World.

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