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Who Are We

A dedicated team with vision and responsible innovators who use in-house developed technology for humanity. We have an out-side-the-box inventor in the team who has more working devices than one can imagine, devices which are slowly integrated into the Koto energy efficient building systems making construction easier, faster and safer. Flexible engineering for practically any application.


What We Do

The company initially started off in the manufacturing of construction materials and implementing building systems for low cost housing to up-market and commercial buildings. After intensive research and development our products are now made from renewable and sustainable resources as part of our commitment to contribute to our green footprint for planet earth. We have now expanded our business into three divisions: HOUSING, FOOD SECURITY, and JOB CREATION in parallel with Koto IBS (Industrialised Building System) energy efficient commercial construction systems, which have now gained wide acceptance. Koto has and will continue to innovate, improve and add more devices to aid in a better world.



With special thanks and sincere gratitude to our staff and people behind the scenes who have all dedicated their time and devotion to work with us in perfecting true sustainable methodologies, planning, funding, and logistics. Our special thanks to the managing director of Iris Koto for his dedicated food security and job creation / management programs, Professor Victor Lee who has fully developed the SRI-2 rice program and Mr. Lawrence Siaw for his knowledge in remote locations to deliver education and homes to the needy and displaced.

Our special thanks to the positive Prime Ministers and Presidents who are genuinely open about helping their people and their respective government departments who are willing to work with us by taking the time to understand our engineering in our effort to improve construction systems, new materials and methodologies.

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